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Assistant Coach Wish List

skinny1502skinny1502 Posts: 7 Freshman
I think whoever our new coach is, should keep Seider, Skipper and Davis.  Those three do a good job coaching and IMO, would keep this class together. What do you guys think?


  • BobtgatorBobtgator Posts: 17 Freshman
    I think Rumpf could also be on this list. But the new coach really needs to have people that work as a team and build a team philosophy. Mac had them thinking like a family, but not necessarily as a team. The thing I loved about the 04s under Donovan was that they played as a single entity. But that applies to football as well.
  • BobtgatorBobtgator Posts: 17 Freshman
    I hope Mullen doesn't bring his defensive staff with him. I think some of the offensive staff could make the move though.

  • leogatorleogator Posts: 98 Freshman
    His defensive staff is fine, much better than ours. I can see him keep his staff intact besides Seider. I think he keeps Seider. I would like for him to keep Davis but to only keep the OL together. I would definitely let Hevesy coach the Tackles and TE and let Davis coach the interior line. He needs to save this recruiting class and may add to it. 
  • skinny1502skinny1502 Posts: 7 Freshman
    Think Mullen keeps Shannon on?
  • leogatorleogator Posts: 98 Freshman
    Shannon is not the answer at DC. Now he was handicapped by the injuries and suspensions at linebacker and the youth at DB. We need to recruit at high level and I don't know that he did. Now it may turn out that his LB recruits might eventually pan out, but...
  • BobtgatorBobtgator Posts: 17 Freshman
    Todd Grantham was not a very good defensive coordinator at UGA. Not sure if he has improved at Miss St, but I think Randy Shannon, or other options would be better for FL.
  • leogatorleogator Posts: 98 Freshman
    According to football scoop, Grantham, Billy Gonzales and John Hevesy have been offered so far by Mullen. That does not mean that others will not be offered.
  • BobtgatorBobtgator Posts: 17 Freshman
    no confirmation on Grantham. I wonder if there's some contract issues that limit him from leaving before the season (including bowls) is over? They just hired a new head coach, so if that was the sticking point I'm not sure why they wouldn't have announced him at FL immediately 
  • leogatorleogator Posts: 98 Freshman
    Grantham has just joined the staff. He was waiting to seee if he was going to be named head coach at Miss State.
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