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Zach- A couple of Typos I notice every day

jakebest1jakebest1 Posts: 3 Freshman
Recruit Daily or Die is written Reoruit Daily.... also the word "Perspective" in the same paragraph is written "perspeotive" - You do a great job. Thanks for the awesome content every day! Go Gators  


  • dugo73dugo73 Posts: 13 Freshman
    It's just the font look at all the other "c's" like in McElwain and championship
  • jakebest1jakebest1 Posts: 3 Freshman
    I was wondering about that. Hoping is was the font, because the "c" "o" pattern is consistent throughout. 
  • rangerranger Posts: 2 Freshman
    Well, it looks like we "got what we deserved, and it should have been worse" last night.
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