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Chip Kelly

Kevin413Kevin413 Posts: 12 Freshman
Ive already seen several articles mentioning Chip Kelly being strongly looked at for Gators. Thoughts?


  • TrueGatorTrueGator Posts: 45 Freshman
    Nah I'm good on that
  • Kevin413Kevin413 Posts: 12 Freshman
    I don't think Stricklin or the Univ would allow him to have the control he will want. 
  • bobnbobn Posts: 7 Freshman
    Chip Kelly is not a fit for Florida, there are more respectable OC's out there. But Nuss will fix things, you will see.
  • TheGatorGuruTheGatorGuru Posts: 8 Freshman
    Be kinda interesting to see another read option based OC in The Swap.  Does anyone remember the type of Qb's (Please disregard John Brantly) that this system brought to the Swap? Started with Josh Portis who didn't work on but seen the likes of The Great Tebow to follow as well as Can Newton to even consider coming. Since that sceme left Fla, no Qb that has come in can compare to those 3 recruits talent wise since.  Ijs
  • Godsman67Godsman67 Posts: 2 Freshman
    Florida has good Qbs, they have no one to train or teach them. Mac and Nuss are BOOTY, they won National Championships but UNDER Nick Saban.
    They have no fire or killer instinct.
  • Godsman67Godsman67 Posts: 2 Freshman
    Jeremy Folley is the one who got us in this mess from Muschamp to McElwain
  • jparker0812jparker0812 Posts: 4 Freshman
    does it really matter whose to blame for this mess? The point is we are in it! We need to stop looking at the glass half empty/ full and remember that either way it is refillable. Regardless of fault we need to stick together as gators and do what it takes to get out of this mess. 
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