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Nuss or the OL?

TrueGatorTrueGator Posts: 45 Freshman
For as much as I've questioned the ability of Coach Nuss I think I have to be fair by saying it's incredibly difficult to call plays that require zero blocking by the offensive line. That's not to say that I'm backing off of my claim that Nuss is less than capable of making Florida a consistently dominant offense just providing a counterpoint. Our offensive line does not block. Period. They inauspiciously get in the way of defenders en route to our backfield but they do not block. With that being said it's hard to have a successful offense like that. I still believe that Nuss shoulders most of the blame because this is not the least talented OL in the SEC but statistically they are. If they're not the least talented, we should be producing better and that falls on Nuss. Treon Harris (yes, Treon Harris) said it was the OC. I think he's right.


  • Kevin413Kevin413 Posts: 12 Freshman
    I'm thinking the same thing. OC is going to take the fall this year, but o think Mac getsb1 more year of this and after 2018 season, if it's the same, he's done. He will have had 4 years to fix the offense. This is year 3 and it's only the start but didn't look good, like the same old thing. 

    Plus, we don't play mean and pissed off. We get pushed around like boys playing against men.  He cannot use the excuse anymore of the players that are currently there are muschamp's guys ,   Most everyone there now is his guys that he recruited and  coached.  I keep hearing from the staff and coaches that they're going to fix it and it's going to change, but the time is now clicking down and they continue to be the same old thing   

  • TrueGatorTrueGator Posts: 45 Freshman
    And I don't know when I feel better about things either because beating Northern Colorado won't do anything to ease the pain of this loss. Beat LSU?
  • jparker0812jparker0812 Posts: 4 Freshman
    Definitely Nuss. No OL. No QB. Barely a RB. Just one of those maybe. But no offense at all?... Let's be real.
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