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Still need alot of work on offense

dugo73dugo73 Posts: 18 Freshman
edited September 2017 in Football
Franks showed his inexperience tonight .....maliak  showed he isn't ready .,...the OL showed no improvement. On the bright side the defence showed there was no drop on level of play. Henderson shows promise. But the offense scored 3 count them 3 points. McElwain  is an offensive genuis and still nothing. I still have faith that this will be a great season but tonight showed big holes in the Gators game. Can anyone say I'm wrong?


  • Kevin413Kevin413 Posts: 12 Freshman
    edited September 2017
    Nope, you're right. Offense still needs a lot of work. Franks showed promise but our O line got pushed around like little kids. No one plays aggressively, they looked meek and timid. Disappointing. If the play calling doesn't change, big changes. We are not a school that is accustomed to losing. 
  • bobnbobn Posts: 7 Freshman
    Offensive line and strength coach need to step up, if that happens the game plan can be carried out and everything benefits.
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