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All the negetivity and doubt!?!?!

dugo73dugo73 Posts: 18 Freshman
Reading through SEC Country's latest stories its one after of another as to why and how the Gators are going to lose on Saturday.
earlier in the week they all sang a different tune. Yes, Scarlett is suspended, yes, Calloway  is suspended but is there no faith and belief in the rest of the team. There is no way that these two athletes were going to carry the entire team. I believe the OL can hold off UM's DL and give Franks a chance to show off what most of us have been waiting for another great Florida Quarterback. the rest of UM'S defense is young and inexperienced while we have a great group of receivers. Cleveland is explosive and fast and will slide right into Calloway's spot, Perine while a different style runner can fill the void of Scarlett.

The loss of two players in no way shape or form should lead you to believe the Gators are now going to fail in their opening game.
This is a great group of young talented players with more experience than Michigan. i think all the column writes will be singing the praises of UF come Sunday morning.

or i could be wrong......but for now and always I will bleed orange and blue......GO GATORS!!!!!!!


  • TrueGatorTrueGator Posts: 45 Freshman
    FINALLY! This is exactly what I've been saying. You can't say that we have a "stable" of RBs and that they may be the deepest unit on the team then follow that with predictions of us losing by 14. You can't say we have the best WR corps in the SEC and one of the best in the country then say we have no shot against DBs with ZERO starting experience. This does not change how much Michigan will score on us which won't be very much. As most teams don't. It only changes our offensive production and Michigan is returning ONE starter on defense which neutralizes any sting we should have felt from the suspensions. Our offense was doing fine against the great, almighty Alabama defense but couldn't capitalize due to QB play. You can't praise Franks in one breath as being better than LDR and Appleby and in the next say he has no shot against this Michigan defense. Appleby had plenty of opportunity against Alabama. Are you saying this defense with one returning starter is better than Bama's was last year? Or that our OL that lost one starter won't be better? Or are you backing off of the Franks train before it leaves the station? We'll be fine GatorNation
  • dugo73dugo73 Posts: 18 Freshman
    Guess I was wrong

  • TrueGatorTrueGator Posts: 45 Freshman
    Me too  :( 
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