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Scarlett as well!!!!!

dugo73dugo73 Posts: 13 Freshman
Can't believe Scarlett is suspended as well what the hell is going on! One of the biggest openers   in recent history and 2 of our best players are not going to play. Things are looking bad for the gators to get the "W" saturday.


  • dugo73dugo73 Posts: 13 Freshman
    does anyone know the reason for the suspension?
  • Gator67Gator67 Posts: 8 Freshman
    edited August 30
    Mark Long has reported in a tweet that they, too, were involved in the debit card fiasco. Nick de la Torre retweeted it, so you can find it on the GatorCountry site. It appears that the new system for giving players support proved to be a real temptation to try to do something wrong and not well thought out. Maybe the initial experience will warn players from trying this in the future. Is UF the only place where this proved to be such a strong temptation? Maybe, but that does not seem likely to me.
  • Gator67Gator67 Posts: 8 Freshman
    This is a serious loss, but we will find out about the other backs. We can hope that they will surprise us.
  • Kevin413Kevin413 Posts: 12 Freshman
    Unbelievable, absolutely ashamed of them. Are you kidding???? Especially after just yesterday Scarlett told reporters he was ready to put the team on his back to win Saturday and how Robinson has to learn from his mistakes. You young man are NOT the leader of this team, a leader is not selfish with his actions, but responsible and leads others. But boy, I bet they are all ready to come back next week against Northern Colorado......way to man up guys. Give me a break. 

    I gotta give Coach Mac a HUGE amount of credit. Every coach in the country would have played their guys and worked something else out, but Mac did the right thing. Hell, I would sit them all for the first 3-4 games. Tough, others who deserve it will get playing time and hopefully, you'll lose your starting job. 

    Way to represent guys. 
  • gatorfan58gatorfan58 Posts: 3 Freshman
    Those suspended players are obvious not team players as they put themselves ahead of the team. There are a lot of people that would love to have the opportunities these players have been given. Evidently getting your college paid for is not enough for them. Those suspended players should apologize in public to their teammates, the UF administration, the coaches and the fans. Shame on them for their behavior.
  • GatorBobGatorBob Posts: 2 Freshman
    Does anyone know if these are only one game suspensions or do they need to run it by the NCAA to be clear on eligibility? I heard somewhere that this card/book money fraud happened before and games had to be forfeited.
  • Gator67Gator67 Posts: 8 Freshman
    edited August 30
    They are apparently indefinite, depending on when things are "resolved." Mac said he did not think there are any NCAA violations. If he is right, there wouldn't be any issues of forfeiture. Also, if he is wrong, the players would have to play in a game before that could be a possibility. A key here is that Mac acted as soon as he was aware of the wrongdoing.
  • Gator14Gator14 Posts: 2 Freshman
    There are rumors that someone made authorities aware of Scarlett's involvement. Any idea who that player was??
  • KyleBucketKyleBucket Posts: 7 Freshman
    Gator14 said:
    There are rumors that someone made authorities aware of Scarlett's involvement. Any idea who that player was??
    Jordan Smith, #42
  • Kevin413Kevin413 Posts: 12 Freshman
    Is that a guess or are we pretty confident on that? Wrong is wrong , but jeez 
  • UncleJetUncleJet Posts: 14 Freshman
    So, Scarlett must be pretty selfish, knowing he was implicated, risking the games he would have played in to being forfeited... Glad it came out when it did... 
  • Gator67Gator67 Posts: 8 Freshman
    If there is not an issue with the NCAA here, then the question of forfeiture of games would not be on the table. Purchasing unauthorized items with a debit card from the UAA and then selling them (perhaps -- it is not clear to me whether all of the players sold these items) is not something that the NCAA would be likely to penalize, unless the school failed to take disciplinary action once it was discovered (maybe). It would be on a par with using weed, I would imagine. Now if the players reported the cards as stolen in order to receive new cards, this would be illegal, a form of theft, but I doubt that even that would bring penalties from the NCAA. Players have broken much worse laws without bringing NCAA sanctions. Penalties such as forfeiture would become a danger if the players were being given benefits that are forbidden by NCAA rules, not when the players themselves are guilty of fraud or theft.
  • gatorfan58gatorfan58 Posts: 3 Freshman
    Article on alligatorarmy.com says that more players are involved in this scandal and thus more suspensions are on the way. Its moronic that these players thought they could cheat the system and get away with it. A normal student would probably get their scholarship pulled and kicked out of school if they did the same thing. But football equals money to the university so I am sure these guys will get off with limited punishment which will further reinforce to them that they are above the law.
  • Gator67Gator67 Posts: 8 Freshman
    I will amend my earlier post a little since I have seen something that could be an NCAA issue -- but for the individuals rather than the school. Selling the items they purchased with their student cards (some are identifying it as the GatorOne cards that all students use) may be equivalent to selling one's jersey to get money. This does put the athlete in jeopardy with the NCAA, but it is not a problem for the school itself. This  last statement assumes, of course, that the school was not complicit and acted as soon as it discovered the problem, which seems to be true in this case,
  • leogatorleogator Posts: 87 Freshman
    Dumbasses! I hope they learn from their mistakes and I hope that Callaway is gone for good since he just can keep out of trouble.
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