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Happy Friday!!!

TrueGatorTrueGator Posts: 45 Freshman

I keep hearing how Malik Zaire's two games that he won were against quality opponents (Texas and LSU) and that gives him an edge in valuable experience and proving himself over Luke Del Rio. I don't remember Texas being good recently nor do I remember Notre Dame being a great team which means that if they were playing LSU in a bowl game that LSU must not have been very good either. So I decided to see if I could prove that to myself or if my memory was just selectively foggy.

In the Music City Bowl against LSU, Notre Dame needed an as-time-expired FG to beat LSU. An LSU team that had a FG blocked in thr 4th quarter after failing on a fake FG to end the first half. An LSU team that went 4-4 in league play finishing 5th in the west. An 8-win LSU that only scored SEVEN points against the [albeit very good] Tigers of Auburn and laid an egg against Arkansas. Not to mention Zaire was not particularly impressive in that game. He didn't have a memorable performance in my opinion. Sue me. But I compare that to LDR's game against Georgia. Both were on a neutral site. Neither had great games but did what was necessary to win against a lower middle of the pack SEC team.

Now the Texas game that everyone says was his breakout game. Malik put up great stats in that game but it was against Texas. People acknowledge the prestige of Texas while ignoring who the Longhorns were at that time and still are. Texas laid an egg against Iowa State, finished below .500 and missed the postseason that year and Charlie Strong never had great teams at Texas which is why he got fired. I compare this to the Kentucky game last year for Like Del Rio. Both were at home, yielded 300+ passing yard performances and were blowout wins. And does anybody think that Texas team would've beat that Kentucky team? I don't. And we're supposed to call those quality opponents while dismissing who Del Rio played against as though the quality of opponent just doesn't match up against who Malik played. I'm not rooting for any one quarterback. I'm rooting for the Florida Gators. I just want people to be fair and consistent.


  • UncleJetUncleJet Posts: 14 Freshman
    Del Rio will start Michigan game, followed by Zaire(maybe 2nd qtr, or after half), then Franks will get his shot... I, also, believe Toney will be used in some fashion at qb... 
    My reasoning? Age before beauty... 

  • jeffbarlisjeffbarlis Posts: 10 Freshman
    Why Del Rio is being taken seriously is beyond me. Dude sucks. The only thing he's good at is complaining on social media. 
  • bobnbobn Posts: 7 Freshman
    LDR was doing good before the injuries started, I say give him a chance, the SEC is whats important, we can experiment against Meeshigan.
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