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Who do you hate for UF to lose to the most this year?

SylvesterSylvester Posts: 49 Freshman
edited August 2017 in Football

Who do you hate for UF to lose to the most this year? 18 votes

66% 12 votes
5% 1 vote
5% 1 vote
22% 4 votes
0% 0 votes


  • JabberdaveJabberdave Posts: 30 Freshman
  • UncleJetUncleJet Posts: 14 Freshman
    You have them in the right order; always hate losing to fsu because of state bragging, to lsu because of DBU claim, to ga, well because they're ga, and tenn because if we lose to them this year it means we ain't that good... 
  • micahcphoenixmicahcphoenix Posts: 1 Freshman
    I have a couple a-holes at my work who are fspoo fans and they really are relentless. I try to be nice and represent the Gator nation with respect and decency, but they make it so difficult. Im ok with 1 and 11 if that 1 is fspoo. their fans are really the worst.
  • cem9235cem9235 Posts: 1 Freshman
    Tennessee! It may have something to do with the fact that I live there as well..
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