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Players In Trouble????

Gators4lifeGators4life Posts: 4 Freshman
I heard today that some players could be in some off the field trouble. Please tell me this isn't so! 


  • Gators4lifeGators4life Posts: 4 Freshman
    Thanks for the info! If it's true then Callaway has to go. Only get so many chances in life to do right before your time is up. SMH
  • CavHarCavHar Posts: 9 Freshman
    We're deep at the WR position so although it sucks to lose him for the Michigan game, his not playing will not be the reason we lose that game. I'm still as confident as I was before the suspensions were handed out.
  • Gator67Gator67 Posts: 8 Freshman
    The rumors about this incident were seriously out of control, but maybe now they can be put to rest. It is disappointing that these players would make such a mistake, but hopefully it will be a lesson learned. At least in one case, it is hard to be confident that this will be so.
  • jeffbarlisjeffbarlis Posts: 10 Freshman
    Um, yeah Antonio Callaway's suspension could very much impact this game. He's a "difference-maker," as in ... I don't think I need to spell it out any further. Just be glad most of the other 6 aren't starters. 
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