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Early Signing Period

BobtgatorBobtgator Posts: 14 Freshman
With the new early signing period in December, who does and doesn't sign early? Also, if they aren't willing to sign in December, how will that look regarding their commitment? It would be great to ink 20-22 players early, then fill in spots before Feb.


  • lewisgatorslewisgators Posts: 40 Freshman
    Let's hope all the committed players sign in December. If not I wouldn't consider them committed. That doesn't necessarily mean they will go to a different school but if I was Mac I would recruit them as if they were uncommitted, unless the recruit specifically says he wants to wait until NSD
  • SylvesterSylvester Posts: 49 Freshman
    edited August 10
    With 69 players with eligibility remaining against a cap of 85 scholarships, it will be interesting to see if the UF President is OK with McElwain shooting ahead of the duck by signing more than 16 players in December. If we go to a new years bowl game, I doubt anyone will announce they will forgo their remaining eligibility before the early signing date. They will most likely go through the process of requesting feedback from the NFL before making a decision. However, we may get a couple veteran guys who could decide before the early signing period that they will be transferring if they are buried in the depth chart having been passed over by younger players. UF is one university that has come out strongly against over-signing and gray or blue shirting players unlike FSU and Alabama.
  • G8rBG8rB Posts: 28 Freshman
    I've got 68 players on my spreadsheet after this season, with 5 probable NFL EE's. If all five go, that puts you at 63, we are close to a full class without factoring in attrition not related to NFL EE's. Some guys will move the wrong way on the depth chart after this fall, and chose to play sooner elsewhere, and we likely only need 4-5 of those to happen to take a full 25 and still be under 85.
  • UncleJetUncleJet Posts: 14 Freshman
    Only took 23 last class, so a couple of earlies will count for the 2 we were short... 
  • G8rBG8rB Posts: 28 Freshman

    Zaire was initial counter #24, and Fruh would have been #25 but he didn't attend a single class.

    After looking at my sheet again and making a correction, I've got us at 69 after the season now.

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