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2018 class size?

flgrown81flgrown81 Posts: 2 Freshman
With williamson out and JROB seemingly not going to make it in how many can we take? 


  • KingGator12KingGator12 Posts: 1 Freshman
    JROB was seen at FNL, and I've heard he will make it in August.
  • G8rBG8rB Posts: 28 Freshman

    JRob should be fine by the time the deadline rolls around.

    Small senior class + some attrition, should get us to 21-23.

  • tafaritafari Posts: 2 Freshman
    JRob was not at FNL. It was Jordan Smith I mistakingly took for him. 
  • G8rBG8rB Posts: 28 Freshman
    Sylvester said:
    After this year, we will have 69 players with eligibility remaining. With a cap of 85 scholarships, we would sign 16 for sure. For every player with eligibility remaining that declares early or transfers out, we could add to the 16 to replace them. We are limited to sign 25 each year.  However, since we only signed 23 this past cycle against the NCAA 25 limit, we could apply 2 of the 2018 early enrollees to the 2017 class. So technically, we could sign up to 27 for 2018 if 11 declares early or transfers out. Typically, we see about 6 declare or transfer out each year though.

    We have 25 initial counters per year. Fruhmorgan was #24 and Zaire was #25 in last cycle. Don't think Fruh counts against us since he never attended class, but I dont think you "count back" kids with counters like you do scholarships. Still not sure where Marlon Dunlap counts in the scheme of things(cutoff for counters is sometime this summer), if he counts for the 2018 year, our max is 24 initial counters to use for recruits for this coming cycle that we are in.
  • BobtgatorBobtgator Posts: 17 Freshman
    I know it's too soon to really know what will happen to the suspended players in the credit card scam, but what happens to our numbers if they lose their scholarships? Doesn't the SEC have a rule about signing up to 25 players per year? I know some can be counted back to the previous year, but if all 10 are dismissed, could this in effect act just like recruiting sanctions have, and possibly limit our numbers for years? 
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